Posted by: kcullen75 | March 12, 2012

A Plea (of sorts)

Ok, this post should really be about elephants, and more particularly, about our training of them here at ENP, but alas that is all still on hold. So instead this post is about me; one of my least favourite subjects. And joined to it is another one of my least favourite subjects. Money.

To explain a little; I am leaving ENP in a little over a month as I have mentioned previously. I will be going to an amazing place named Botshabelo to volunteer for the communtiy there that supports an overwhelming amount of people who have been affected by the HIV virus; and not just that, but also any others, people or animals, who come for help. You can check out their amazing work at

I don’t want to labour the point, so I will try to get to it. I have worked for elephants and animals here in Thailand, in Australia and in India for the last 10 years, and apart from the 6 months in Australia, I have done so for a small stipend that has allowed me just about to get myself from a to b. I have been blessed all that time with help from so many family and friends that has allowed me to do so, but I have always avoided at all costs putting my hand out and asking for anything. And I am as much as possible avoiding that again.

What I am asking is for all of you to look at the paintings below which I have been selling to try to get some money in my pocket. I will be up front. I am up to $400 and time is running short. If what you see below is in any way something you feel that you would like then I will be happy to take as many commissions as possible. The paintings diplayed are already out of my hands as such, but I will continue painting and am if a particular style or theme is asked for I will work with that.

I will sell large paintings (555mm x 375mm) for AU$150 and small paintings (375mm x 275mm) for AU$100 and I will cover the cost of shipping to any part of the world.

If anyone is interested, please contact me directly at

I will also take the opportunity to remind everyone that I have three book for sale which you can find in the books link at the top of this blog. I have just reduced all the prices to the bare minimum that I am able to reduce them to, and also now both Elephant Dreams and Elephant Kingdom are available on Kindle ebooks on for only $4.99 each. If you are thinking of the paperbacks, then please use the links on this blog as the price doesn’t change for the buyer but the royalty difference does for me

And of course, with both the paintings and books. if you know anyone who might be interested – and you are all interested in elephants so you must knoe one or two – please pass this on. If of course you decide after viewing the link to Botshabelo above that you would prefer to donate any spare money you have to them, then I would fully understand and agree with your decision. They need the money more than I do, and I know I will get there one way or the other.

Thank you for the time you have taken to consider this, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care always,




  1. CRAP!!! I just saw this blog post 😦 You have already gone and returned…so sorry, I would have definitely helped out, even though Im broke myself, lol, I’m sure there is SOMETHING in your art collection i can afford that would look lovely on a wall. Would purchasing a piece still help you out in your endeavors?


    • Haha, just saw this too Hannah. I am back in Melbourne now, wondering what’s next – and yes, I’d be happy to do a painting if you wanted one, but there are no endeavours at the moment except food on the table and that sort of thing. So really, it’s only if you want one. Thank you though for the thought 🙂

  2. Hi Karl, really pleased for you and want to support your plans. Is the “red one” based on Max or is that a silly question? If you would be painting another one I would LOVE it there was a little Pupia to the side, like the fantastic photo you took and I used on Michelle’s mug.That would certainly always remind us of you…..but don’t know if I’m being too prescriptive for your painting style???? Shall I friend request you so we can discuss direct? Moira and Phil

  3. I love the Buddah/meditating one, well, all of them. What are US$ for that, and the 2 just below it? I also shared on fb…

    Take care of yourself, Karl – Michele 🙂

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